Constellation Choir EP

by Everest Cale

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"This record isn’t meant for a brief listen. It pulls you in, tune by tune, until you’re left reeling with the ambiguous lyrics and hard-hitting riffs" - Pancakes and Whiskey


released October 22, 2013

Engineered by Joe Colmenero
Mixed by Joe Colmenero / Everest Cale
Mastered by Tony Gilis



all rights reserved


Everest Cale Brooklyn, New York

Named "Brooklyn's Least Brooklyn Band" by Interview Magazine, Everest Cale’s music is an amalgamation of dynamic, introspective folk tracks, ripping guitar driven rock and roll, and twangy, country love songs. This diverse catalogue of music is unified by Brett Treacy’s unique and powerful voice. ... more

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Track Name: I Awoke

White moon serenade her with your constellation choir
High noon nourish and aid her with your illuminating fire

I awoke in the dark
Someone's hand led me far
Then stopped me at the edge of my own thoughts

I continued from that spot
Connecting dots as I walked
But the ending always leads me full circle
because I am nothing without your love

Track Name: Before I Knew What Love Was
It can't be held together by my hands
A continental shift break
When you looked at me I felt like I exist
I knew that I was something more
And that I had love

My mother said she heard me crying from the womb
Screaming until they let me out
But now that I have felt, I wish I could go back
I'm not eager like I was before
I knew about your love
Like before I knew what love was

Lord let me die, let me know that you want me
I'm not getting the same signs and responses
As I did before I knew about your love
Like before I knew what love was

They examined my motionless heart
And placed it in a canopic jar
With a portrait of her on the side
So everyone can know how it died
Track Name: Fossils
Who will survive?
Your side or mine?
The water supply
Is radioactive

There's no names to yell
No number for help
No one to share
The carnage

But I see life sprout
Out of the ground
Nuclear fallout
Will not end us

Will somebody breathe some air into
Our bodies so we can reproduce?
Track Name: Hole
Is there space to have
nothing in?
Have you been buried down
with your ceiling?
This hole you are in
is caved in

Is your body sick
from your DNA
Are you the mountain that sits
In your own way
This hole you can't escape
Is the one you made

Did the columns fall until
There was nothing left?
The smoke has cleared but
It's still choking your breathe
This hole will exist
until you fill it

Did you fuck it up
real good this time?
Did you lose yourself
the more that you tried?
This hole is sealed so tight
There's nowhere to climb