Beast EP

by Everest Cale

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03:05 video


“Cut the apple from your eye before she takes a bite,” is more than enough to assure that you’ve stumbled upon greatness. Love is brutal and Everest Cale is explicitly descriptive of the torture" - Music Under Fire


released September 4, 2012

Recorded at The Cutting Room NYC
Engineered by Joe Colmenero
Mixed by Joe Colmenero / Everest Cale
Mastered by Tony Gillis



all rights reserved


Everest Cale Brooklyn, New York

Named "Brooklyn's Least Brooklyn Band" by Interview Magazine, Everest Cale’s music is an amalgamation of dynamic, introspective folk tracks, ripping guitar driven rock and roll, and twangy, country love songs. This diverse catalogue of music is unified by Brett Treacy’s unique and powerful voice. ... more

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Track Name: Beast
Cut the apple from your eye
Before she takes out a bite
Secure the entire place
Make your planned escape

Sound the retreat at the sight of her
Her alluring physique makes it hard to run
Her cold hard teeth will draw blood
She's come to feed on the one she loves

She loves me

Cut yourself from the tracks
A train will crush your back
Bow and walk away
A curtain call for a play
Track Name: Goodbye
The Clock to my right doesn't tell me the time
It just says that you're not here
The clothes on the floor and the ones left in the drawer
Are from a time when you use to lay near
So bye bye to your mourning eyes
When the sun shined on them I could never resist
When there's rain on the roof it's your warmth that I miss
How could you walk away from this

I saw all the signs made me hold on real tight
But my grip pushed you away
Your fire inside it pulled like the tide
I watched as it carried you away
Bye bye to the times when I
Put my shoes next to yours in the place where they went
All your things in the house they still have your scent
And the covers we use to lay in

Take this last letter from me
But please never read it
I didn't write it for you I wrote it for me
To help me forget
Bye bye one last goodbye
And I'll say to you now what I can't when you're here
I'll say to you now what I want you to hear
Track Name: The Ocean
Miles can't separate
What's not measure by distance
It's the case
He tries to make
But she's not there to listen

The Ocean Kills
But it has no memory

I'll swim
With my hands tied
An ocean wide
Back to your heart
It's size
Nor it's rip tides
Could never tear our
Love apart
Track Name: Soaked
Covered in doubt
I feel the weight of it all
What place?
What point on a map will bring me what I want?
God you know I try
I'm just making my way just like you

Give me a strong sense of it all
Bring me back news from everyone
I do this alone

Now my own path is up to me
Love take its hold
Grace me passionately
I move forward now
So my heart and my soul can bloom

Is the only way in all of this
To myself and not who I'm suppose to be
God you know I try
I'm just making my way just like you
I've been following the tide
With this thorn in my side
Won't you help me?
I need to break loose
Track Name: Place We Know Is Home
A country road
No speed limit
Past the old church
The one we went to
There's a small house
The place we know is home

A front porch
A couple of acres
Our relatives
Are all our neighbors
They look after
The place when we're gone

The pear tree
Out in the front yard
Has been growing
Since the day I was born
They tell me
Someday I'll be that tall

Down A trail
By the creek bed
I saw some
Tracks old wagons left
They don't use
That road anymore

In the pond
I caught my first fish
Had to use dads
Help to reel in
But I still held it
Just as high and proud

In the woods
On my own
A fallen tree
Sounds like a drum
And the Cardinal
That taught me how to sing
Takes the lead

The place we know is home
Take me back
I'll never leave again